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#1 2017-04-21 16:52:43

From: United Kingdom
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Using Directories For Advertising / Promotion

Hi All,

Good quality well maintained online directories do still have a use when thinking about advertising / promoting a new or already established business and or website.


Before you think about using, Have a good look round, Do the listings look ok? Are they listed within relevant categories? Does the directory look active / well maintained? If you can answer yes to above then it may be worth considering.

Another thing to think about is using local or niche directories that relate to your market.


We recommend that you as the business and or website owner register to use the directories of your choice, This way you can make a note of what directory services you have used, Always read the submission guidelines and abide to them.

Outbound Link Types

If you submit quality submissions to quality directories over time then using the 'DoFollow' link type should not be a problem but if your worried about this then use the 'Nofollow' linking option if offered.

Free or Paid

Personally i always use paid, These types of directories just seem to be of higher quality & well maintained but in saying that, You can find some decent free ones if you look hard enough.


Don't have tunnel vision by placing all your eggs in one basket!

All The Best


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